I have an additional dependant

At any time before your pension payments start, you can arrange for additional pension cover on top of any standard Adult Survivor’s cover you paid towards. The additional pension can be paid to a dependant other than your spouse or partner and your Dependent Children or you can use this option to increase the standard spouse or partner cover or Dependent children's cover.

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To arrange an additional dependant's pension, you must contact BA Pensions before your pension starts. Before you can take up this option you will need to pass a medical examination.

To provide an additional dependant's pension you must give up part of your own pension permanently. The amount you give up is determined by your own and your additional dependant's ages. The additional dependant's pension plus any Adult Survivor's pension that is payable on your death must not be more than the pension you were entitled to (remember that your own pension might be reduced for early payment or if you decide to take a lump sum at retirement – the total pension that can be paid to your dependants cannot be higher than your own pension at the date of your death).

When you decide to draw your pension you can choose to leave the additional dependant's pension in force. If you leave it in force the additional dependant's pension will be payable when you die.

If you die or your dependant dies before your pension has started, the additional pension is automatically cancelled.

You can cancel the option at any time before you start your pension.

If your dependant dies after your pension has commenced, you may choose another dependant for the Trustee to approve. The amount of pension will be adjusted to reflect the new dependant’s age.


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