I'm still employed by BA. What benefits do I have in NAPS?

All active members of NAPS became entitled to a deferred pension when the Scheme closed to future pension build up on 1 April 2018. You can continue to leave your pension in NAPS or transfer it elsewhere.

  • Your deferred pension can be paid at, or after, your selected Normal Retirement Age (Plan 60 or Plan 65), or you can choose to draw it earlier (see What if I retire early?). Although you may have several elements of pension with different Normal Retirement Ages, these are treated as a single pension entitlement and must be drawn at the same time. When you draw your pension, the different elements you have earned will be appropriately adjusted to become payable from the same date.
  • Your NAPS deferred pension will receive increases in accordance with Scheme Rules.
  • You can exchange part of your deferred pension for a lump sum when you draw your pension.
  • You can transfer the value of your NAPS pension to another pension Scheme approved by HM Revenue and Customs.
  • The Pensions Regulator (tPR) has recently run a ‘pensions predators’ awareness campaign to warn individuals against transferring pension benefits to arrangements that promise to ‘liberate’ your pension benefits. Visit www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/individuals/dangers-of-pension-scams.aspx.

Remember, if you have left BA, you must keep the pension scheme up to date with your latest contact details. You must keep in touch so the payment of your deferred pension is not delayed. You must claim your benefit within six years of NRA. Claims made outside this limit will not be met.


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