My deferred pension

What you get from NAPS will depend on your Qualifying service (the period of time you paid contributions to the Scheme), adjusted for any changes in your BA occupations prior to 31/3/07 (such as a move from Flying Staff to Ground Staff), plus any service you transferred into the Scheme.

If you elected to stop paying contributions and crystallise your pension on or after reaching your current Normal Retirement Age, your pension will also depend on the actuarial, late retirement increases that are applied to your crystallised pension.

You can leave your pension with BA or transfer it elsewhere.

  • If you leave your pension with BA it is called a deferred pension. This can be paid at, or after your selected Normal Retirement Age (Plan 60 or Plan 65), or you can choose to draw it earlier (see What if I retire early?). Although you may have several elements of pension with different Normal Retirement Ages, these are treated as a single pension entitlement and must be drawn at the same time. When you draw your pension, the different elements you have earned will be appropriately adjusted to become payable from the same date. If you have a mixture of Plan 65 and Plan 60/Option 55 service your deferred pension is payable from the Normal Retirement Age of the plan you were in on the date you left BA.
  • Your AVCs stay in the fund and continue to build up with investment income until your Scheme Pension becomes payable.* You can transfer the value of your BA pension to another pension Scheme approved by HM Revenue and Customs.

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