At a glance

What you pay The standard Scheme contributions are:
7.25% Ground Staff
8.5% Flying Staff

In addition, members under State Pension Age who have not selected the 1/54 pension build-up rate (Flying Staff) or the 1/58 build-up rate (Ground Staff) pay an additional 3.1% of Band Earnings.
What BA pays The balance necessary to provide your pension
What you get at retirement The standard build-up rate in APS is 1/52 (Flying Staff), 1/56 (Ground Staff). At retirement you will get a pension worked out as 1/52 or 1/56 of your pay at retirement for every year of Pensionable Service.
What your family gets A lump sum, an Adult Survivor's pension, and Dependent Children's allowances
If you leave Your choice to leave your pension in APS to draw later (see What if I retire early) or transfer to a different pension arrangement. If you are over age 50 when you leave employment with BA you can choose to draw all of your pension straightaway (see: What if I retire early?)

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