I wish to draw my deferred pension

Generally speaking, you must claim your deferred pension by contacting us around four months before your planned retirement date. We will write to you at the latest address we have for you on our records about four months before your Normal Retirement Age. If we cannot contact you and you leave your pension unclaimed for a long time after your Normal Retirement Age, you may lose it.

We will write to you explaining your options for drawing your deferred pension shortly before your Normal Retirement Age. You can contact us at any time from age 55 if you wish to draw a reduced pension.

We will normally work out and pay your deferred pension from the same day of any month on which your birthday falls, so if your birthday is 23rd August but you want to draw your pension in March, we will work out and pay your pension from 23rd March.

Your first pension payment will be paid to your bank at the end of the following month (so in the above example, the first pension payment would be made at the end of April and would include pension for the period 23 March to 30 April).


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