NAPS Trustee vacancy invitation - Ground Staff constituency

6 July 2022

Letter from the Secretary to the Trustee issued to NAPS Employed Deferred and Employed Pensioner Ground Staff members on 6 July 2022

New Airways Pension Scheme Trustee (“the NAPS Trustee”) – Member Nominated Trustee Director (MND) vacancy
This is an opportunity to get involved in managing your pension scheme in this challenging and interesting role. Mr Dave Southcott reaches the end of his term as an MND on 30 September 2022, and a vacancy for an MND from the NAPS Ground Staff constituency will arise on 1 October 2022. The NAPS Trustee is seeking nominations to elect a NAPS MND from the Employed Deferred NAPS membership (Ground Staff constituency). The term of office for this position will be two years. Mr Southcott has indicated he intends to stand for re-election. 
Who can apply
The vacancy is within the NAPS Ground Staff constituency for NAPS Employed Deferred members. NAPS Pensioners currently employed by British Airways as Ground Staff can also stand for this role.  

How to apply
To apply, please contact George Holah (020 8538 2174) or Angelique White (020 8538 2147) at British Airways Pensions, Waterside, to obtain an application pack. Your completed application must be received at British Airways Pensions, Waterside, no later than 5.00 pm on 6 August 2022.
About the NAPS Trustee
NAPS is managed by twelve Trustee Directors. Six are appointed by British Airways as Employer Nominated Directors (ENDs). NAPS members currently elect five MNDs, and the NAPS selection committee appoints one Pensioner MND. You can find details of your current Trustee Directors and MND constituencies on the ‘About us’ page of our member website:
You can also find out more about the role of a Trustee Director on our member website:
Your application process will include:
  • an election statement prepared by you
  • completion of a declaration form
  • completion of a nomination form 
  • the signatures of 10 supporters who are current NAPS Employed Deferred or Employed Pensioner Ground Staff members eligible to vote in the NAPS Ground Staff constituency.
If only one application is received for the vacancy, the nominated person will be appointed from 1 October 2022. A ballot will take place if more than one application is received for the vacancy. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes will be appointed to the NAPS Trustee from 1 October 2022. If no nominations are received, we will advertise the position at least once every three years.
Yours sincerely
Monica Gupta
On behalf of the NAPS Trustee


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